A home for the aged, preferably for ex-servicemen, where comfortable and carefree living conditions, good food, agreeable company and pleasing surroundings available has become a necessity in the middle class. Widowers, who have none to look after are on the increase especially in the middle class. There are old widows who need shelter. Old couple, whose children are away from home and who find it insecure to live alone are also on the increase. It was therefore decided by the Thiruvathira Committee to start a project for housing the aged people and run a home for them in a congenial atmosphere with the all necessary conveniences from the resources of the Thiruvathira Fund. It is another act of philanthropy by the Thiruvathira Committee for helping the needy old people and others in distress.

The home named as “Sree Mahaganapthy Sevashram” (Madras Regiment Old Age Home) is located on a plot of 80.97 cents land owned by Sree Mahaganapathy Temple beside Illipode-Vattiyoorkavu road, east of PTP Nagar in Vattiyoorkavu village. 2.5 km distance from Pangode Military Campus, 10 km from East Fort. The address of home is :-

Sree Mahaganapathy Sevashram (Madras Regiment Old Age Home)

Vattiyoorkavu, Thiruvananthapuram – 695013
Phone No : 0471 – 2361712



Lane for sitting outside building.

Dining hall

Well furnished dining hall for inmates

TV hall

Separate TV hall furnished with 40” LED TV, cable network connection and chairs/sofa.

Meditation hall

Separate Meditation hall.


Bajan/Sathsang/yoga etc being conducted for inmates by outsiders once in a month.

Meeting Place

Monthly meeting of inmates are organized.

Medical Facility

One doctor and a medical team with Ambulance from Cosmopolitan Hospital will visit Sevashram once in a week. The team will be paid honorarium by the management. Consultation is free for inmates but medicines will be purchased by their own.


Reading room subscribed by four regional daily news papers.
Library with holy books, novels etc.
Solar hot water facility.
Monthly meeting of inmates are organized.


Eligibility for Admission. (a) As mentioned elsewhere in these instructions this is a home for the aged where comfortable living conditions, good food and pleasing surroundings are provided. Widowers who have none to look after them, old people whose children are away from home and who find it insecure to live alone, and those who due to other reasons have to lead a life on their own will find the home an ideal place to live in peace and quiet. This is NOT a destitute home nor it is a home for the disabled/handicapped.
(b) An applicant should be not less than 60 years of age and capable of looking after himself.
(c) In exceptional cases, females will also be considered if age is more than 70 years.
(d) An applicant (in case of a couple wife included) should not be :-
(i) A physically handicapped person who is incapable of looking after himself.
(ii) Suffering from any of the following diseases :-
(aa) Tuberculosis.
(ab) Leprosy.
(ac) STD.
(ad) Mental illness.
(ae) AIDS.
(af) Cancer or any other disease of a contagious or terminal charter.
(ag) Should not treat the place like a casual visitor to a cosmopolitan city.
(e) Government officials in service or those employed in business or having their own business/ private institutions are NOT eligible for admission.
(f) 50 percent vacancies each are reserved for ex-servicemen and civilians. Ex-service personal of the Madras Regiment will be given first preference for admission to the Mahaganapathy Sevashram. In case sufficient numbers of ex-servicemen are not forthcoming, their vacancies may be allotted to civilians. The president and the management committee reserve the right to select civilian personnel to fill up such vacancies. 
(g) Application for admission will not be considered if found to be motivated on profit lines.
(h) An indemnity bond is required to be submitted at the time of admission.

Admission Fee, Monthly Recurring and Allied Charges. Financial aspect in respect of admission of inmates and the monthly recurring charges thereof will be :-
(a) A non-refundable admission fee will be levied as admissible.
(b) In addition to above, security deposit (refundable) and monthly charges for accommodation and food will be charged as per rates fixed by the managing committee time to time.

Instructions for Inmates.
(a) The Sree Mahaganapathy Sevashram, also known as Madras Regiment Veterans Home, is for a noble cause and will have to be treated as such by all. It is the aim of the management to make your stay in the home as comfortable as possible. To achieve this aim, the efficient functioning of the home is essential. That this end co-operation and adherence to its instructions and guidelines are not only expected from the inmates but also binding on them. 
(b) Once the applications have been accepted and accommodation is allotted, the applicant is required to move in and occupy within two weeks failing which the inmates will forfeit the allotment. 
(c) Initially the admission will be for a period of three months of occupying and thereafter the inmates will be allowed to continue as decided by the committee. 
(c) The accommodation should be kept by inmates clean and tidy at all times. Furniture, line and other items provided by the home should be used with the care and without damage. 
(d) Inmates will not be nuisance to other room-mates/inmates. They should not do or say anything which will disturb or offend the sentiments of others. 
(e) Visitors should be entertained in the visitor’s room and should not be brought to individual’s room as it may cause inconvenience to the other roommates. Frequent visitors with ulterior motivates will be debarred from visiting the inmates. 
(f) Alcoholic drinks, drugs and gambling are strictly prohibited. However, card games for recreation only as decided by the managing committee may be permitted. No smoking will be permitted inside the rooms/buildings. The manager will earmark smoking zone within the premises of the Ashram. 
(g) Monthly bill should be paid by the 5th of each month by cash/cheque. 
(j) Valuables should not be kept outside the room, but should be kept locked in his cup boards. The home does not take responsibility for the theft or loss or damage. 
(k) Inmate will enter in the register maintained in the office while going out the ashram. They will indicate in the register if they plan to stay out for few days or nights. 
(l) In an inmate leaves the home without notice and continues to remain absent for 10 days or more he/she will forfeit his accommodation and security deposits as mentioned elsewhere in the orders. 
(m) Inmates shall not sublet their accommodation or permit any to stay there in their place during their absence. 
(n) A complaint/suggestion book will be maintained in the office. Constructive criticism and useful suggestions are always welcome. 
(o) If an inmate has any complaint against the staff of the home, he/she should bring it to the notice of the Manger. They should not take to task or reprimand any of the staff. For any shortcoming the inmates will not air their views in public or through media. 
(p) Any damage to home property by inmates will be charged against them unless it is proved to be accidental. 
(q) If the inmate is in need of medical attention, he/she should report to the MI Room where he/she will be given first aid only. Thereafter if necessitated or if he desires, he will be shifted to a hospital of his / her choice. All expenses connected with this will be met by him / her. 
(r) Any political / communal meetings or propaganda is prohibited in the home premises. 
(s) No money earning activity for personal gains by inmates will be permitted from the Ashram premises. 
(t) Telephone calls may be made from the office phone/public telephone. STD facility will not be available. Truck calls will be entered in the register kept in the office. All telephone calls will be paid for by the user inmate. 
(u) Messing will be as per menu drawn up by the mess committee. If any inmate requires anything extra, he/she should inform the Assistant Manager or Store Keeper. Extra messing will be charged alongwith the monthly bills. The inmates will be permitted to entertain their guests with prior intimation to the Manager / Assistance Manager for which he/she will be charged as per the rates fixed by the Manager. 
(v) Food will not be served in the rooms unless an inmate is physically unable to go to the dining hall due to temporary illness. 
(w) Meal timings as notified in the home notice board will be strictly adhered to. 
(x) Private servants are not permitted to be employed in the home by the inmates. 
(y) No loans or any other financial assistance will be given by the home. 
(z) An inmate can leave home for good, any time he wants after giving a week’s notice. But he/ she must settle all bills before he/she leaves failing which the security amount will not be refunded. However, conditions stipulated for leaving the home elsewhere in these orders will be always remain operative. 
(aa) An inmate is liable to be asked to leave the home for :- 
(i) Defaulting monthly payments for more than one month. 
(ii) Behaviour unbecoming of a gentleman. 
(iii) Gross misbehavior towards other inmates or staff. 
(iv) Gross violation of the instructions given therein. 
(v) Contracting any disease which is contagious or is a health hazard to the other inmates. 
(vi) Getting involved in a criminal case.

Note :- As an inmate becomes a personae non-grata, in such cases, only one third of the security amount will be refunded to him.
(ab) No gambling of any sort is permitted in the home.
(ac) In case of a couple, if the husband expires the wife may be allowed to continue in the Sevashram at the discretion of the President. However, she will have to a different room if required and depending upon the availability of a suitable accommodation for her. 
(ad) If an inmate dies, his/her Next of Kin will be informed. If they fail to take the body from the home, the cremation/burial will be arranged by the home and his security cannot be claimed by anyone. Other administrative action on the death of the inmate will be taken by the Manager. 
(ae) It will be worthwhile, if the inmates intimate the Manager or Assistant Manager of any important events or occurrences connected with the inmate. This is for official record of the home. 
(af) Before occupation, the selected applicant shall execute an agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the home. Legal heirs of the inmate will have no lien what so ever on the Charity and accommodation enjoyed by the inmates. The inmates will enjoy “Sree Mahaganapathy Sevashram” Charity at the discretion of the Management Committee. 
(ag) Any dispute arising between the inmate and the Management, the verdict of the President Thiruvathira Committee shall be final and abiding on all parties in the dispute. 
(ah) In case of any dispute the legal jurisdiction will that be of Kerala High Court at Thiruvananthapuram only.


Creation of a biogas plant at Sevashram

Rain water harvesting has been constructed

Waste Composting Machine